Week Two For Our Competitive Teams

Week two is complete for our competitive teams. Check out the results of their games below.

They all work hard throughout the week preparing for upcoming games. Several of the teams have many new players joining them this season.

We look forward to hearing how they grow together as the season continues. Go Buffalo! 


U17 Coached by: Junior DaCosta

Final Score: Lakeland Tropics 5 – 0 Villages 02
Final Score: Villages 02  –  Polk County United (Friendly) 

U16 Coached by: Brian Rausch

Final Score Villages 03 2 – 6 GOSA


U14 Girls Coached by: Madison Taylor
Final Score: Villages 05 Girls  3 – 1  Soccer of St. Cloud
U14 Coached By: Augusto Maciel 
Final Score: OCYS 5 – 0 Villages 05
U12 Coached by: Florian Gegaj
Final Score Florida Kraze 4 – 2 Villages 07
U11 Coached by: Anderson DaSilva
No Games