Sorry for the inconvenience but the Parents Meeting has been moved to Tuesday March 14th.  The Polo fields are currently being utilized for Golf-fest so we are unable to use the facility for this meeting. I know some of you will be away for spring break so I understand if you can not make it to the meeting.  If you get a chance please download the Medical Release Form below, sign it and bring it to the parents meeting or on the first day. As usual if you have any questions you can please reach out at, (352) 631-8872 or our Facebook group  (

Medical Release Form


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Beasley Bailey Eugene Trey Belcher Olivia Abbott Bailey
Berry Ella Flannery Broady BOND Jacob Black Colt
Bonynge Olivia Frank Giovani Bracco Coraline Black Hailey
Celeste Maria Harper Landon Detwiler Kendal Burden Hayden
Childs Layla Detwiler Waylin Duckett Maya Byers Daniel
Childs Addilyn Homan Ryland Hamel Charles Carroll Kash
Davenport Corinne Harper Levi Castillo-Johnson Tasai
Davenport Chloe Kirkland Makenzie Hollenbeck Claire Clayton Kamryn
Henderson Trinity Martin Annabelle Hollenbeck Harper Clayton Breayanna
Farner Henley Martins Jayden Huffman Brecklin Duckett Makenzie
Greene Chase McPherson Leo Kirkland Nathan Gianikas Alexander
Gianikas Angelo Miller Tucker McPherson Liam Gonzalez Amaya
Kirkley Sophie Ostensen Maislyn Mondragon Sebastian Gray Noah
Quezada-Ortega Alessandro Pelletier Cree Obiaja Matthew Huffman Liam
Redman Rocklin Redman Xana Ramos Evan Lewis Taylor
Robinson Skylar Rodriguez Junior Roca Alexander McDowell Jr. Thomas
Russo Elliot Siguler Braxton Starkey Devin Miller Thomas
Shank Waylon Tetlow Brodie Stokes Tanner Oliver Kristin
Sherwood Hayley Vachon Elizabeth Urbaez skylar Oliver Kaitlin
Strickland Tripp Wilkins Eden Vucidolov Aleksey Reilly Benjamin
 Johnson  Elliot Weber Jenna Rodriguez Annette
Sillitoe  Grayson Spangler Thomas
Urbaez Giovanni
Velasquez Cristian
Weber Zack
Windish Jonathan
Winslett Noah
Zavarce Jayden