Program Overview

Sports Performance is offered to both Club and Non- Club Members.  Athletes are evaluated thoroughly with a focus on soccer-specific needs by a licensed Physiologist.
Following each evaluation athletes will receive individual recommendations and a training schedule. 

This program focuses on the needs of the individual by first evaluating, then training with direction and purpose.  


For athletes:

-getting ready for important games/tryouts.

-looking for an extra edge mid-season or returning from an injury. 

-ready to understand more about where their body is in relation to the needs of the game. 


Initial evaluation: $150 non-member or $120 current club member
Private Training: $240 for 4 – 1 hour sessions or $60 per 1-hour session

We do offer an evaluation-only option for those interested. 

For more information please contact or call (352) 561-8239.

Initial Evaluation - Non Club Member


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Private Lesson Bundle


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Initial Evaluation - Current Youth Club Member


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Single Private Lesson


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Requirements Prior to Attending:

  • Parents of participants under age 18 complete the TVSC Minor Waiver (If you have completed the e-waiver previously you do not need to resubmit unless there are changes)
  • Participants age 18 and over complete the TVSC Adult Waiver (If you have completed the e-waiver previously you do not need to resubmit unless there are changes)

Claudio Pavanelli
Sports Scientist 
Licensed Strength and Conditioning Coach

“The evaluations serve as an indicator of the physical condition of each athlete. With the athletes’ needs properly assessed we then have the framework on which we can build from to improve performance with the lowest risk of injury.”       -Claudio Pavanelli

Pavanelli has an extensive background as a Fitness Coach and Sports Scientist Physiologist. His resume boosts time working with some of the world’s top athletes such as; Neymar, Ronaldinho, and Robinho among others. He has also worked with teams such as; Corinthians, Santos, Palmeiras, Flamengo and Tianjin Quanjian F. C. His main focus is on improving athletes’ performance and preventing the risk of injury. He has experienced 10 major championship titles during his extensive career.