We are excited to share that we will be offering a winter training program after the season is over. More information will be sent out in the coming weeks.



The first session of rec will begin at 5:00 PM. (ages 4-5) If you can not arrive at 5:00 PM, please arrive when possible and join in.

The second session will begin at 6:00 PM. (ages 6-10)

Competitive: Weekend Recap

Tropical Storm Nestor Games Postponed:


  • U12 Green 10/19
  • U12 Gold 10/19
  • U14 Green 10/19
  • U15 Girls 10/19
  • U17 Gold 10/19

*Games will be rescheduled. We will update you as soon as they are.

U10 Green Coached by: Shauna Griffin

Final Score:  Four Corners 7 – 1 U10 Green

U12 Green Coached by: Shauna Griffin

Final Score: U12 Green 2 – 6 Poinciana

U14 Green Coached by: Brian Rausch

Final Score: U14 Green 3 – 6 FKK

U18 Green Coached by: Tarson Passos

We are still working to reschedule the final game of the season.

U19 Girls Coached by: Madison Taylor

Final Score: FKK 2 – 2 U19 Girls 

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available from many of our Coaches. We offer one on one or small group sessions (no more than 4). We also offer private lessons with Coach Tarson Passos who is a licensed performance coach and physical therapist. In his sessions he will focus on areas that are soccer-specific with a focus on injury prevention. For pricing and availability please contact

Team Schedules

The 2019 Fall Schedule is being released and updated daily. As a reminder for those who are accustomed to using the GCF schedule as your main schedule please keep in mind that changes to the schedule are not always updated or updated in a timely manner. The Villages Soccer Club “Club Calendar”  and team pages will always reflect the immediate results of any confirmed change.

The Club Calendar can be found here:

The team page schedules can be found by visiting > Programs> Competitive> Click on the team name