Return to Play

In preparation to resume programs and training, we are following the advice and directives of our local and state officials, as well as guidance from health and medical authorities to provide a safe return to play model for our staff, coaches, players, and families.

All staff, coaches, players, and families will adhere to the below guidelines and protocol so that we maximize the safety of all participants. TVSC will follow CDC recommendations and other safety measures as they pertain to our complex and programs.

We do understand that not all athletes and families are ready to return to play at this time. We respect your decision. Please contact us so we can discuss your specific situation.

Updates to the guidelines will be posted on this page for reference as we navigate our return to play.

Game Day Guidance

No one should attend a game if they are displaying symptoms of COVID-19.


Players, coaches, referees, and spectators must:
• Maintain social distancing guidelines when entering and exiting the facility.
• FYSA recommends that non-active participants wear face coverings/masks at all times.
• Bring their own equipment (hand sanitizer, water bottle, towels, etc.) that should not be shared between individuals.
• Each individual should check their own temperature and refrain from participation if they have a fever (>100.4°F).

• Players, coaches, referees, and spectators must not enter the facility until 20-30 minutes prior to their game.
• On field warm-ups should be limited to 15-20 minutes.
• When possible refrain from warming up until you have taken possession of the field once the previous team and spectators have cleared the area.

• No contact greetings after the game (handshake, high-five, fist bump, etc.)
• Players, coaches, and spectators should leave the facility immediately after their game.


Players and Coaches:
• Maintain social distancing guidelines when entering and exiting the facility.
• Should remain socially distanced when on the sideline before, during, and after games.
• All Players and Coaches must social distance or be wearing masks during halftime gatherings

• If in use, players should be assigned individual pinnies for the entirety of each game.
• The player leaving the field should not take the pinnie from the substitute.

• Surfaces of shared equipment such as soccer balls, discs, and any other equipment should be disinfected before and after each game.
• Players should not share clothing such as pinnies, warm-ups, jerseys, etc.

FYSA recommends limiting the number of spectators per player to limit contact.
• FYSA highly recommends 1 spectator per family when possible.
• If more family members must attend, a family unit should be comprised only of people who reside in the same household.
• These family units should sit together and socially distance from other family units before, during, and after the event.
• Spectators should not approach the field until the spectators from the previous game have cleared the area.

• Spectators will sit on the same side of the field as their team and opposite their opponent player area. This is in order to keep spectators and coaching staff separate from those of other communities.
• We will not provide communal water or snacks.

Injured Players:
• If a player is injured on the field, the referee will signal for the coach to come onto the field. Only one coach wearing a mask should enter the field.

Player/ Coach/ Official must adhere to our Florida’s guidelines regarding COVID-19 as well as local guidelines that may not be specified here.

Additional information can be found on the FYSA’s website.

The Villages SC Complex 

  • Fields are only available for scheduled activities that have been approved by the Director of Coaching.
  • Training activities will be scheduled to limit the volume of people on the complex at any one time. 
  • In order to reduce exposure coaches will be available to answer any questions or concerns via phone or email. In person meetings MUST be scheduled. We do request masks to be worn during scheduled in person meetings. 
  • Two porta-potties and a handwashing station will be open as needed. 1 individual at a time. Everyone MUST WASH HANDS with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Staff Responsibilities

  • Provide a safe environment for all.
  • Provide a training plan that adheres to social distancing and recommended guidelines.
  • Provide waste receptacles and disinfectant solutions for coaches.
  • Develop a reporting plan and subsequent action plan.
  • Continue to engage with local and state authorities and adhere to any and all guidelines recommended.

Reporting Plan

Report Here 

Any individual (player, coach, staff, or parent/guardian) who has tested positive for COVID-19 must be symptom free after 14 days and cleared by medical personnel before entering the premises of The Villages SC Complex or attending a TVSC activity regardless of location. 

Any individual that tests positive has symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or may have been exposed has a duty to report to the Club. Report by using the report form above. 

In this case, exposure means any one of the following:

  • Caring for a person with a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection. 
  • Living in the same household as an individual with a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection. 
  • Being exposed to an individual with a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection.

Any staff, player, coach or parent/guardian reporting or demonstrating symptoms of illness at any point will be prohibited from entering the complex and must seek guidance from his or her physician. A medical note must be provided to our registrar, Debora DaSilva, through email. You will only be permitted to return when you receive a “return to play email confirmation.”

Training Plan and Responsibilities


Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:
    • Prior to training check your child’s temperature and refrain from participation if he or she has a fever (≥100.4 degrees F).
    • If your child currently has any of the symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (click here); including coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath OR fever of 100 degrees, OR sudden loss of taste or smell the child can not participate in any activities until cleared by a medical professional.
    • Stay in or near your car and/or adhere to social distance requirements, based on state and local health requirements.
      • In the case of inclement weather, we will dismiss all to their parent/guardian immediately.
    • Ensure your child’s training gear and equipment, including cleats, ball, shin guards, etc, are sanitized before and after every training.
    • Notify the club immediately if your child becomes ill for any reason using the report form.
    • Supply your child with hand sanitizer for each training session.
    • At the end of the training session, the children will be released slowly from their field maintaining 6ft distance from each other.
Player Responsibilities:
    • Wash hands thoroughly before and after training.
    • Bring and use hand sanitizer at every training.
    • When you enter the complex go straight to your training field.
    • Bring your ball and water bottle to the field. 
    • Do not touch or share anyone else’s equipment, water, snack, or bag.
    • Practice social distancing, by placing your equipment, ball and water bottle aside your training space, keeping 6 ft from others. 
    • Maintain physical distance from your teammates (no high 5’s, hugs, handshake, piggybacks, close contact, etc.)
    • At the end of training return to your parent/guardian immediately.
Coach Responsibilities:
    • Prior to training check your temperature and report to your respective supervisor if you have a fever (≥100.4 degrees F) or are displaying symptoms consistent with COVID-19.
    • Upon arrival ensure you have disinfection spray and hand sanitizer. 
    • All training exercises must be designed where players are at least 6ft from each other. No competition, no scrimmages & no physical contact.
    • As players enter the training field – organize players immediately to maintain social distancing protocol. 
    • Ask players prior to the beginning of training if anyone feels ill – send them back to their parent/guardian immediately and may only return after you receive a “return to play email confirmation” (see reporting procedures above).
    • Ensure all players have their individual equipment (ball, water, bag, etc) and set up a space for each player to have their equipment at least 6 ft from each other.
    • The Coach is the only person to handle cones, discs, etc. no pinnies. 
    • At the conclusion of training dismiss the players one at a time to ensure social distancing.
    • Disinfect equipment (cones & disks) between sessions.
    • In the event of inclement weather – coaches will dismiss players to their parent/guardian immediately then return to their car and communicate to the team updates on continuation.
  • Additional guidelines may be added as we continue to adjust to the situation. Updates will be posted to this page.