Let’s All Be Courteous

We all want our sons and daughters to play well, and have fun. We want them to benefit from being involved in competitive athletics. Yet we, parents, can sometimes undercut how much they will actually benefit. This happens through behavior, especially during games. We don’t excuse athletes for doing inappropriate things in the ‘heat of the moment’ so we should apply similar standards to our own sideline behavior.  So, -Let the coaches’ coach. If you are telling your child—or any other player for that matter—to do something different from what their coach said, you create distraction and confusion. It is likely embarrassing to the players involved and simply counterproductive. If they make a mistake, chances are they will learn from it. -If you have what you truly feel is a legitimate concern with your child’s coach—either regarding game strategy or playing time, arrange an appointment to meet (you may even request our Director of Coaching’s presence). This should be done away from the soccer field. -Avoid making negative comments about players on the other team. Besides being tasteless, these kinds of comments can be hurtful to the young person involved and to their family as well. They are not the enemy. -Are there are times when calls are missed by referees? Absolutely! And that can, unfortunately, directly affect the outcome of a game. Outbursts from parents on the sideline made toward the referees will NEVER, EVER improve the situation. Yelling out comments may only serve to alienate an official. The referees always assume they made the proper call, your comments will not change that. -Whether it is a coach’s decision, a referee’s call, a comment that was made, don’t harass the coach, or an official, or a parent on the other team after the game is over. Use this time to talk with your child. The ride home is sometimes as important as the game itself. All we are asking for is that YOU be courteous. You cannot control others but you can be an example. Do your part to make this time a good memory for your child.

Competitive: Weekend Recap

U12 Gold Coached by: Ashley Hunt
Final Score: U12 Gold 2 – 1 GGS Final Score: U12 Gold 2 – 1 GGS

U17 Gold Coached by: Anderson DaSilva
Final Score: U17 Gold 5 – 0 GGS Final Score: U17 Gold 5 – 0 GGS
U14 Green Coached by: Anderson DaSilva
Final Score: U14 Green 0 – 5 
U10 Green Coached by: Shauna Griffin
Final Score: U10 Green 0 – 5 Lake County
U12 Green Coached by: Shauna Griffin
Final Score: U12 Green 4 – 5 FL Rush
U15 Girls Coached by: Madison Taylor
Final Score: FKK 1 – 4 U15 Girls
U19 Girls Coached by: Madison Taylor
Final Score: Villages U19 Girls 2 – 0 Lake County
U15 Gold Coached by: Brian Rausch
Final Score: Hunter’s Creek 3 – 2 U15 Gold
U18 Green Coached by: Tarson Passos
Final Score: U18 Green 5 – 2 Lake County